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) While they had different feelings, their bodily replies (breathing rate, heart rate, and blood-pressure) were monitored with their blood samples. The experts were astonished to view a nearly correct match between the bodily " highs " of the volunteers, and also the electrically measured " valleys and highs " of the DNA in their blood samples. Their thoughts were "talking" using their blood samples! The unbelievable factor is: there was no delay (no "transmission period") between your alterations within their physical tendencies and the improvements inside their blood products. Along With There Were n't Stopped by The Professionals. These " Power " Trials Had Just Started. The military experts wanted to observe how much the volunteers discover these amazing benefits, and still might be from their body samples. So this test was repeated numerous times by them after going the volunteers 1 mile away from their products. Then 5 miles away. 10 miles away. 15 miiles away. When the volunteers were 50 miles away from their samples, and they eventually ceased. Even if the volunteers were 50 miles from their body samples -- the electrically calculated " valleys and mountains " of the samples instantly returned their actual responses for the video clips.

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