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And so the two cords from the pump may be connected to the ECU it requires to be close enough towards the push. We secured the unit with six screws only above the pump. The Garmin GHC10 control mind front-page includes a simple to study planning display that is significant. The next step we elect to achieve was to attach the control product. We had bedroom in the lower right corner of our section that is existing. To set up the system a big round opening cuts inside our cell that was StarBoard® and after that guaranteed the machine with four provided screws. We'd to construct a 2000 anchor to attach the handle head to our GPS. We used wiring given the autopilot and powered the anchor from our principal technology bus bar. Within our viewpoint, this is easy and simple. We found component installation easy and effortless. If you routine several slots can perform a small planning and design, make simple line contacts, and use a wrench you certainly can do this deploy. We attained preliminary testing to the GHP 10 in the dock by following a basic menu. Once you ensure your engine turns the urged route and the tachometer feed operates right you’re prepared to strike the water.

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